First Shots: Huawei Nova 2i

First Shots: Huawei Nova 2i

Here’s what the quad-cameras of the Nova 2i can do

We’re finishing up our full review for Huawei’s Nova 2i, but many of you are already probably wondering if the quad-camera smartphone can take good pictures. Well, you can actually judge for yourself – we’re putting most of the photos that we’re using for our full review here in this article, so you can judge for yourself if the phone’s quad-cameras really does deliver on its promise.

We have two batches of photos here today – one is before the final, retail software when we were first handed the phone in Beijing, China, and the one is with the final retail patch applied. Image quality hasn’t really changed between the two batches, but in the interest of fairness we’re still telling you about that issue nonetheless.

Alright, enough of that. Let’s take a look at the photos produced by the Nova 2i:



Does the Nova 2i’s cameras deliver on the hype? Let us know below. We’ll be done with the review very, very soon, so check back then.

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