For Spotless Spaces: Cherry Dust Mite and Car Vacuum Now Available

For Spotless Spaces: Cherry Dust Mite and Car Vacuum Now Available

Cherry Home has two new products to keep your home and car clean with the Dust Mite UV Vacuum and Car Vacuum Cleaner Prime.

If you are a neat freak and WANT to keep everything clean, Cherry has two new vacuum products to help you keep everything you own spot-free and flawless.

For keeping the small spaces in your home clean, the Cherry Dust Mite UV vacuum cleaner boasts of a 10,000Pa suction speed that helps keep even the corners of your home clean. As the name implies, it can remove up to 100% of mites at home, and comes with a UVC lamp to kill up to 99% of germs. It has a transparent dust box that lets you see the amount of dust and dirt you have collected with it.

For your precious vehicles, Cherry has an updated version of its Car Vacuum Cleaner with the Prime version. This wireless vacuum cleaner has a folding design that makes it handy to be kept inside your car–or have it with your while traveling. It has a 5000Pa suction power that’s strong enough to remove dust and dirt from seats, mats, and other fabric surfaces. It also charges via USB-C, saving you the hassle of fumbling through different cables–you can simply use the same cable you have for your phone to charge it.

The Dust Mite UV Vacuum is priced at Php 2,490, while the Car Vacuum Cleaner Prime is priced at Php 1,599.

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