Galaxy Z Flip Scores 105 in DxOMark

Galaxy Z Flip Scores 105 in DxOMark

Beats the Galaxy Note 9 by two points

While the Galaxy Z Flip is heralded more for its clamshell form factor and foldable display, the guys over at DxOMark agree that Samsung’s clamshell phone has capable cameras too. DxOMark recently reviewed the Galaxy Z Flip and gave it an overall score of 105. That makes the Galaxy Z Flip two points higher than the Galaxy Note 9 and a point behind the iPhone XS Maxboth being 2018 flagships.

Breaking down the scores, DxOMark commends the Galaxy Z Flip for nailing the basics especially when it comes to exposure and white balance. While the Galaxy Z Flip experienced highlight and shadow clipping in high-contrast situations, it delivered a generally good dynamic range. Color rendering is generally good, though DxOMark noticed that colors are slightly undersaturated when shooting outdoors.

Autofocus, however, is a problem with the Galaxy Z Flip, as it is slower than usual compared to 2018 flagship phones. It’s a different story with video, as the Galaxy Z Flip’s autofocus system performed better in video compared to stills. Like its performance with stills, the Galaxy Z Flip produced footage that has pleasant colors and accurate exposure.

To date, it is hard to compare the Galaxy Z Flip since there are only two phones that adopt the clamshell form factor. DxOMark has yet to test the Motorola RAZR 2020—the Galaxy Z Flip’s only rival as of the moment.

You can read DxOMark’s full review here. Don’t forget to check out our full review of the Galaxy Z Flip:

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