Google And Levi’s Smart Connected Jacket Will Be Arriving This Year For 17K

by John Nieves  March 14, 2017

Smart wear for the ultimate techie

Two years ago fashion brand Levi’s and Google announced that they were collaborating on creating smart, connected garments for the tech-savvy consumer. Today both brands have announced the first retail product to come out of that collaboration, dubbed the Commuter, will be arriving in the US on Q4 of this year with a price tag of $350, or around Php 17K.

The Commuter is a smart connected jacket that comes with a Bluetooth cuff that pairs with a smartphone that allows you to adjust the volume of your music, answer a call or simply get directions – all made possible by finger swipes on the jacket’s fabric.

Despite the jacket’s high-tech capabilities, it can be washed and worn just like any regular garment that you own, though you do have to remove the Bluetooth cuff before washing it. Once it ships in the fall, it’ll be one of the few (if any) connected garments in the market, though it may soon face a lot of competition from other fashion brands once the tech takes off. Smart Guess pants, anyone?

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