Google Pixel 4A Scores 111 at DxOMark

Google’s first mid-range phone in a while is one of the more unusual phones in 2020 that settles for a single rear camera setup—specifically the same 12-megapixel camera with Dual Pixel AF, OIS+EIS, and Laser AF that is found on the Pixel 3a. How capable is the Pixel 4a’s single rear camera setup? It is quite good, according to DxOMark, as it scored 111. That matches the score of the triple rear camera-sporting Mate 20 X that came out in November 2018.

Going through the scores, it is pretty much a given that the Pixel 4a will do poorly in the zoom sub-category since the single-camera setup can only do so much. Going through the photo category, the Pixel 4a scored an impressive 122, with DxOmark highlighting the phone’s stellar performance in handling color accuracy and in the speed and accuracy of its autofocus system.

Because it uses an aging sensor, the Pixel 4a suffers from limited dynamic range and detail preservation that is very much evident in low-light conditions. For video, the Pixel 4a’s 98 score is on the average side (for 2020 standards), with color, autofocus, and noise management as its key strengths.

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