Pixel 5 Only Scores 120 in DxOMark

Despite the Pixel 5 using the same IMX 363 main camera used since the Pixel 3, along with the addition of an ultra-wide-angle camera (instead of a telephoto camera like on the Pixel 4), DxOMark gave the Pixel 5 a score of 120. That is a good 8 points higher than the Pixel 4, and just a point behind the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Being just a point behind the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is very impressive as the Pixel 5’s IMX 363 camera is around 3 years old already—proof that even some of Sony’s older sensors can still go head-to-head with high-megapixel sensors of today.

In DxOMark’s full review, the Pixel 5’s 129 score in photo is emphasized on its performance when it comes to exposure, color, autofocus, and texture. It did not fare as great in noise and low light performance, which is expected given the age of the IMX 363 sensor it is using.

As expected, the Pixel 5 did not score great when it comes to zoom due to its lack of an actual telephoto camera. Its ultra-wide-angle camera is not as impressive, as DxOMark noted that its FOV is slightly narrower compared to the competition.

As for video, the Pixel 5’s 107 score is emphasized on its stellar autofocus and stabilization even at 4K30 or 4K60. just like with photos, the Pixel 5’s video performance is not as great in low light, along with visible noise.

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