Google Redesigns Android, Makes It Faster with L

Google Redesigns Android, Makes It Faster with L

Material Design2

Major redesign all around

While Google isn’t revealing what the version number or what dessert the next version of Android will be, they’ve shown a few new elements of the OS in what they’re calling Android L. The new version of OS will have significant improvements in graphics, battery life, security and the user experience over Android 4.4 KitKat. Check it out in action below:

Material Design4

Google’s own Matias Duarte showed his team’s material design concept, which takes inspiration from printed material and puts in on the display. There’s a lot of animation involved in the new UI. It looks sleek and fast, with a lot of animated touch feedback.

project volta

Aside from the overhauled UI, Android L also promises new performance improvements, including battery life. Project Volta provides detailed information on what’s been draining your phone’s battery life.

Battery Saver

The new battery saver mode allows devices to squeeze every bit of power from devices, with Google saying that the mode gives a device an extra 90 minutes of run time with the mode on. The new ART runtime (which is basically a software library) allows apps to run faster and quicker, and is built with support for 64-bit mobile chips in mind.

L release

With Android L, you’ll now be able to interact with notifications right from the lock screen, dismissing them without having to unlock your device, or tapping on them to take you to the app directly. Android L also introduces Trusted Environments, which basically allows you to forgo going through your lock screen if the device detects that you are the one actually holding your Android device through a trusted device (preferably an Android Wear powered smartwatch).

The most important part of Android L? Well, Google is hell bent is putting it everywhere – in notebooks, cars, wearables, TVs, tablets – and allows all those devices to speak to each other seamlessly.


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