Harman Kardon Outs New Fly Line Of Headphones

by John Nieves  January 7, 2020

Harman Kardon has goodies for your ears

Harman Kardon is finally making headphones again, back from a six-year hiatus. The brand is making a splash in CES with three new products, headlined by its new Fly TWS (true wireless stereo) earbuds.

The Fly TWS promises to deliver awesome wireless audio for hours – 5 hours, by their estimation, which can be further stretched to 15 hours total with the carrying case. The Fly TWS won’t break the bank and is priced at 150$.

Their Fly BT is for people who don’t like the idea of having earbuds not connected by cords. This behind-the-neck earphone has longer stamina of 8 hours on a single charge, sweat resistance and voice assistant support. It’s 50 bucks cheaper, coming in at just $100.

Audio junkies that just want to block the world out can settle for the Fly ANC, which are over-the-ear headphones with 40mm drivers that have been “optimized for travel”. The headphones have both touch control and voice assistant support and has a 20-hour battery life with ANC on, enough for most long-haul flights. This pair is a little pricier though at $250.

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