ASUS ROG Gaming Gear Preview: Mice, Keyboards, Bags, and Shirts!

ASUS ROG Gaming Gear Preview: Mice, Keyboards, Bags, and Shirts!

Gaming mice, gaming keyboards, bags, and even shirts!

A few weeks ahead of the upcoming ROG Masters APAC finals, happening from October 26 to 29 at SMX Convention Center, a select few members of the media were invited to ASUS’ office to get a sneak peek of what might be coming in stores for the ROG line. If you ask us, the items they previewed are all interesting. Let’s take a look at the three gaming mice they plan to sell locally:

The Espada GT200 Gaming mouse


The ROG GX950 Gaming Mouse


The ROG GX1000 Eagle Eye Gaming Mouse


For the gaming keyboards, we got a peek at two models:

The Sagaris GK100 Gaming Keyboard


The Horus GK2000 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, with its backlit RGB glory in sight


A new addition to the ROG Line? A collection of T-shirts!

Even the packaging of the T-shirts are cool!


This is one of the three shirts that are part of the ROG apparel collection. Pretty dope, right?

Of course, a couple of ROG bags were presented to us, and they all look swell:

The XRanger, Ranger Messenger, and Shuttle II bags

Aside from the three bags, we were teased with the possibility of selling the carrying case of the Water-cooled ROG GX800 separately!

The prototype hardshell travel case is based on the one that comes with the GX 800. This time, it comes with bags and pouches to store your gaming peripherals and your ROG laptop, along with ample room for your travel essentials.


As for the price for the items previewed, ASUS Philippines Country Manager Joey Nocom and ASUS Marketing Head Anvey Factora said that they want to gauge first the reception of these products before giving an actual price and availability to them, so stay tuned.


Which items do you want ASUS to sell locally? Comment down below!

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