Here’s How Samsung’s Note 7 Exchange Program Will Work

Here’s How Samsung’s Note 7 Exchange Program Will Work


A few days ago Samsung announced that they would be voluntarily recalling their best phone yet, the Galaxy Note 7, worldwide because of battery problems. But aside from the initial announcement, we didn’t know exactly how the recall would work. Well, that changes today – Samsung Philippines has laid out the replacement process of their new flagship today, and like we predicted in an earlier article, the company is restricting the replacement program to phones bought via authorized dealers and operators in the PH. bought on or before September 7, 2016.

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Anyway, starting next month, October 1, device owers will be able to replace the phone at the store where they bought it from and exchange it for a brand new one at no extra cost. You will have to surrender everything that came with your original device though – that includes the full box, proof of purchase, and one (1) valid ID. Samsung will then adjust the warranty date of the phone to reflect the date of the replacement. If Galaxy Note 7 owners are unable to visit the store where they have bought the device from, they can bring their device instead to the closest Samsung authorized Customer Service Center. For Galaxy Note 7 owners who have purchased their device in the Philippines and are now located in another country, please contact the Samsung Customer Service center in that country. You can find out the contact numbers by visiting and selecting the country where you are located in.

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There’s also another option for owners who can’t wait till next month to get a replacement unit – Samsung is willing to exchange that Note 7 with a brand-new S7 Edge instead. The same deal applies – your Galaxy Note 7 needs to have been bought from legit, authorized retailers, and you’ll need to surrender everything that came with it, including the receipt, plus they’ll need your ID too. Once you hand over the phone to the authorized retailer where you bought it from, they’ll reimburse any difference between the SRP of the Galaxy S7 edge and the Galaxy Note 7, and will adjust the warranty period accordingly.

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For people who bought devices through Smart and Globe, Samsung is asking customers to contact their providers directly for their replacement options. For people who bought through Lazada, they ask that customers speak with Lazada about the replacement program.

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