Here’s What Samsung Changed In The Galaxy Fold

Here’s What Samsung Changed In The Galaxy Fold

Simple improvements that hopefully fixed the expensive phone

Samsung rescheduled the launch of its long-awaited Galaxy Fold thanks to several problems that arose when it handed review units to several press outlets around the world. It promised pre-order customers that they’d be improving the product before it was sold to the general public but didn’t exactly say when the improved version would roll out, or what the improvements to the design were.

Thanks to Sam Mobile, we know the latter. The biggest change is that Samsung has now tucked the protective layer that most reviewers thought was a removable screen protector into the body so no one could make that mistake again.

Samsung also reduced the size of the hinge on the top and bottom of the folding mechanism to prevent the ingress of dirt and grime that proved to be fatal for at least one review unit.

The Korean company is reportedly testing the new versions of the Galaxy Fold with telcos in their home country, and we expect the company will announce a new release date for the fold later this month.


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