Here’s Why You Don’t Need to Get the Latest Flagship Phone

Here’s Why You Don’t Need to Get the Latest Flagship Phone

Even a 1-year old flagship can take really great shots

Brands are releasing new phones at a pace faster than ever. For the past 3 years, we normally get at least two new flagship phones per brand, which translates to a 6-month product cycle.

While most consumers desire to get the latest and greatest, we at think that there’s no harm in getting an older flagship. Case in point? This photo of a thunderstorm with the Mayon volcano in the background.

Philippine Star reports that the said photo was taken by a netizen who happens to be in the area when the thunderstorm happened. His tool of choice? A Mate 20 Pro, which is a year old and is superseded by the Mate 30 Pro.

Even if the Mate 30 Pro introduced a bunch of new features that include a 40-megapixel Cine Wide camera, that does not discount the fact that its predecessor can take great photos—sometimes producing even better shots than complex camera setups.

With the Mate 20 Pro having a sub-Php 30k as of this writing, there’s no bad reason on why you should opt for an older flagship phone: it is more affordable than majority of the latest flagships in the market, and they can still get the job done.

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