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Huawei Goes Wild with Wearables: Hands-on with the Talkband B2 and N1

The new Huawei Talkband B2
The new Huawei Talkband B2

Huawei Invests Heavily in Wearable Tech

Huawei took the plunge into the world of wearables and announced three new devices during the recently concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. These are the Talkband B2, Talkband N1, and the new Huawei Watch. They definitely took it as far as they could with all three devices as they crammed as much flair and functionality they could into all three of them.

Take for example the Huawei Talkband B2. Not only is it your usual smart fitness tracker which displays notifications (paired with your phone), calories burned, steps taken, etc., it also doubles as Bluetooth headset. You can pull out the LED display, attach it to an earpiece, and then put it in your ear. Wild. It’s so bizarre it’s awesome.

Here’s our hands-on video with it.

Our only major concern is the readability of the LED display. We had a hard time reading it and we constantly had to wipe it from fingerprint smudges. Anyway, if you’re a Bluetooth headset junkie, this is probably the best fitness tracker you can get that can satisfy your both your health tracking and mobile connectivity needs.

Next up we have the Huawei Talkband N1. Now this is a music player and fitness tracker rolled up into one device. It has 4GB on-board storage which you can use for your songs. You can also pair it with your phone so that you can see all the usual health data that you would want to track (calories, steps, etc). If you’re not using it you can connect both earpieces (magnetic) and it will look like some sort of high tech necklace.

Here’s our hands-on:

Our initial verdict? It’s nice. A bit gimmicky, but we were actually surprised with the audio quality. We weren’t able to test it thoroughly but we would love another crack at this. The device’s success will rise and fall with the audio output so we want to put this through the paces some more before we call it a good or bad buy.

Huawei's new wearable tech
Huawei’s new wearable tech

Last, and definitely not the least, we have the new Huawei Watch. We’ll do a separate post on that since it will take a lot of space to describe it. To give you guys a quick summary though it’s insanely gorgeous and elegant. However just like the LG Watch Urbane, it kindly felt big and clunky. That’s the price we have to pay so that companies like Huawei can stuff all of those processors in a time piece, hehe.

So, what do you guys think of Huawei’s new offerings? Like? Dislike? Let us know in the comments section below!

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