Huawei Has Their Own Face Recognition And Animoji Tech

by John Nieves  November 29, 2017

Will likely show up in their next flagship

While we’re not big iPhone users, one of the biggest features of the iPhone X that we wished other Android phones had is its highly advanced face unlock feature, which also makes those cute animojis possible. Well, Chinese company Huawei has come up with their own version of the face recognition tech which it announced only recently. 

It works similarly to Apple’s implementation, with a front facing module composed of RGB, IR and other cameras to build a virtual model of your face with 300,000 points in 10 seconds. Huawei says that the system triggers in .4 seconds.

The front-facing camera system also allows Huawei to implement their own version of animojis, which is slightly better than Apple’s since their system has more detailed tracking as it also tracks tongue movements along with your face. 

The tech hasn’t been announced in any new phone as of yet, though you can expect it to show up in Huawei’s upcoming flagships. The P11 maybe?


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