Huawei Philippines Brings MateBook, MateStation Business Products

Huawei Philippines Brings MateBook, MateStation Business Products

Huawei brings over 19 business products in the Philippines that include MateBook and MateStation products that cater to enterprise and B2B companies.

The Huawei MateBook business line consists of the MateBook B3-420/520 B5-430, and  B7-410. All of them come with 11th Gen Intel processors, a TPM 2.0 security chip, and  Super Device for seamless integration into Huawei’s ecosystem.

Port selection comprise of two USB-A ports, a USB-C port, HDMI port, a headphone jack, and a Mini RJ45 port, while the display covers 100% of the sRGB color gamut.

For the MateStation, Huawei is bringing over the MateStation B520, which has 11th-generation Intel processors, NFC, WiFi 6, and support for Huawei’s Super Device.

Completing the slew of business-oriented products ate the PixLab B5 3-in-1 printer, Vision B smart screens, C series tablets, and B series wearables.

The PixLab B5 can print up to 30 pages per minute and supports both wired and wireless printing, while the C series tablets cater to mobile offices (C7), finance activities (C5/C5e), and education (C3). The brand’s Vision B smart displays feature spatial surround sound and a variety of features powered by an in-house Honghu processor, while the B series wearables come with a Health Kit data platform for gathering of important health data.

Huawei also announced the Huawei Vision B series of smart displays, which include the Vision B3-500/600, B5-510/610, and B5-515/615. Each model includes a spatial surround sound, professional capabilities, image quality driven by the Honghu processor, and a minimalistic design.

Pricing and availability for these products are upon inquiry with Huawei.

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