Huawei Promises Up To 24 Months of Software Updates

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One of the biggest things that separate good phone companies from the great ones is their commitment to software updates. Getting consistent, timely updates to devices is one of the main reasons why people buy Nexus-branded smartphones, and is increasingly one of the main considerations of tech-savvy consumers. It’s not surprising then that Chinese manufacturer Huawei has announced that they’ll now be giving phones they release up to 24 months of continuous software updates, starting with the Honor 8.

Taylor Wimberly of Huawei Device USA took to Google+ to announce the Chinese firm’s commitment to bringing software updates to their devices, and promised that new devices will be getting a software update once every three months. These continuous updates are especially important for security, as new vulnerabilities in Android are discovered all the time and are usually only fixable via security updates sent by OEMs like Huawei.

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  1. i hope this is also true for huawei phones released last year. until now my G8 hasn’t received it’s Marshmallow update yet

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