Huawei Swiping Fast Charging Crown From OPPO?

If OPPO’s 125w wired charging solution is not insane enough, Huawei plans to steal the wired charging crown from OPPO with their upcoming 135w wired charger. Huawei’s upcoming charger—which is more than twice as fast as the 66w SuperCharge charger that comes with the Mate 40 Pro—was recently certified in China, indicating a release date soon.

In the said certification listing, the charger supports up to 135w (20V/6.75A) and is a flexible one at that: it also supports 15w (5V/3A), 27w (9V/3A), 60w (12V/5A), 75w (15V/5A), 94w (20V/4.7A) charging as well, which should be an indicator that Huawei’s upcoming charging brick supports USB-PD charging protocols.

With DigitalChatStation saying that the charger may be used for smartphones, there are speculations that Huawei’s 135w charger will debut alongside the P50 series—and we hope Huawei keeps the charger in the box unlike what Apple, Xiaomi (and possibly Samsung) plan to do with their flagship phones.


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