Infinix GT 20 Pro First Impressions Philippines: Worth the Wait

Infinix GT 20 Pro First Impressions Philippines: Worth the Wait

Initial Verdict: The Infinix GT 20 Pro aims to set a new standard for mid-range gaming phones in the Philippines with powerful hardware and a very competitive price tag.


  • Insanely affordable for a Dimensity 8200 device
  • Can push some games to 120FPS


  • Only filler cameras
  • Speakers need tuning

Infinix is also into gaming phones, and its official entry to the Philippines is the GT 20 Pro, which is the device of choice for MPL-PH Season 13. Infinix’s first official gaming phone brings a lot of promise–beyond the fancy gamer-inspired design, it has the actual internals to run the most demanding games while not breaking the bank. We got our hands on the GT 20 Pro for a few days for our first impressions.


Infinix GT 20 Pro Philippines: Design

If you focus on the camera module, it’s easy to see that the GT 20 Pro has the same core design language as the NOTE 40 5G. Aside from having a flashy Cyber Mecha, gaming-inspired design, the main key difference between the GT 20 Pro from the NOTE 40 5G is that it ditches wireless charging for fancy RGB lighting arranged in a semi-circle array. Losing wireless charging on the GT 20 Pro is not a big deal–after all, gaming phones don’t need wireless charging.

Save for that difference, the GT 20 Pro has the same button and port layout as the NOTE 40 5G, so you’re getting stereo speakers, a USB-C port, a SIM tray, and an in-display fingerprint scanner.


Infinix GT 20 Pro Philippines: Display and Speakers

While the GT 20 Pro appears to be using the same 6.78-inch flat AMOLED display as the NOTE 40 5G, you are getting a higher refresh rate at 144hz. This is assisted by a PixelWorks X5 Turbo display chip, allowing the GT 20 Pro to push games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to run at 120FPS even at the highest graphics settings.

Other than the higher refresh rate and better touch response rate at 360hz, the GT 20 Pro has the same maximum brightness at 1300nits. It’s not the brightest display in the market–at least for mid-range phones–but it is good enough for outdoor use. Even with its price point, you have to give props to Infinix for equipping the GT 20 Pro with symmetrical bezels.

As much as the display is great for gaming, we can’t say the same with the speakers–at least for now. While it still has JBL co-branding, we think that Infinix can still improve the tuning of the GT 20 Pro’s speakers. After all, it has the same chassis as the NOTE 40 5G, so doing software-based tuning should help further improve the audio quality of the GT 20 Pro’s stereo speakers.


Infinix GT 20 Pro Philippines: Cameras

Like the NOTE 40 5G, the GT 20 Pro has a triple rear camera setup. Only the 108-megapixel ISOCELL HM6 main camera with OIS matters–the other two are just fillers that barely do anything.

While we don’t expect much with the GT 20 Pro when it comes to cameras, the ISOCELL HM6 is a proven sensor for budget mid-range phones, and the same applies to the GT 20 Pro.

One advantage that the GT 20 Pro has over any of the NOTE 40 phones is that it can shoot 4K video–and up to 60FPS if you want more fluid footage. While stabilization at 4K60 is not the best, having the ability to shoot 4K video on a gaming phone is still a nice feature to have.

For selfies, you get a familiar 32-megapixel selfie shooter on the GT 20 Pro, which performs decent just like every Infinix phone that uses the same sensor.


Infinix GT 20 Pro Philippines: Internals and Battery

The main star of the GT 20 Pro’s spec sheet is its use of a Dimensity 8200 processor–one that we’d normally see on phones priced above Php 30k. That processing package is paired with 256GB UFS 3.1 storage and 12GB LPDDR5 RAM–and considering this phone is priced at Php 17k, it’s insane how Infinix pulled it off.

We’re familiar with the performance of the Dimensity 8200, and it’s expected to run Genshin Impact at the highest graphics settings in 60FPS mode without any issue. As the official phone of MPL-PH, the GT 20 Pro is optimized to handle Mobile Legends: Bang Bang at 120FPS, making it a great gaming phone for the popular MOBA title.

While you do get Android 14-based XOS14 out of the box, Infinix’s implementation on the GT 20 Pro is different as it has significantly less bloatware compared to what we experience on their other phones like the NOTE 40 series. This is a very nice move from the brand, as we’ve been clamoring for less unnecessary bloatware out of the box for the longest time. Being a gaming phone, the GT 20 Pro has a custom interface for all your games, allowing you to tweak the settings according to your preferences.

Like most Infinix phones, you get a 5000mAh battery inside, while charging speeds are at 45w. The GT 20 Pro’s 45w charging is good enough to top up the battery as quickly as possible. We have yet to do our battery tests but expect at least a day’s worth of use.


Infinix GT 20 Pro Philippines: Wrap-up and Initial Conclusions

With an official price of below Php 16,000, the GT 20 Pro offers insane value as a mid-range phone if you’re after heavy gaming. Infinix was able to balance out the GT 20 Pro to give it the best possible performance for some of the most popular mobile titles like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It’s worth noting that the GT 20 Pro is the official phone of MPL Philippines, further bolstering its credibility as a gaming phone.

The GT 20 Pro is priced at Php 15,999 and has an early bird price of Php 13,999. It is available on Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok Shop.



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