iOS 11 to be made available on September 19

by Duey Guison  September 13, 2017

A much-needed upgrade for your existing iOS devices


In a slew of releases, Apple has announced that iOS 11 will be made available via OTA on September 19. Apple’s latest iOS update will give iOS devices new functions such as a dedicated Files app, a revamped Dock, Loop and Bounce effects on Live Photos, an improved Siri, Control Center, support for Augmented Reality, and much more.

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Devices supporting iOS 11 include iPhone 5s, iPhone 6/6+, iPhone 6s/6S+, iPhone SE, iPhone 7,7+, all iPad Air and Pro models, iPad Mini 2 and later, iPad 5th Generation, and iPod 6th generation.


Are you excited for this iOS update?

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