iPhone 4 Otterbox Reflex Case Review

iPhone 4 Otterbox Reflex Case Review

Otterbox Reflex Case for the iPhone 4!

Otterbox has already built a name for themselves here in the Philippines. They’re known for shipping cases that give maximum security and protection for phones and tablets. Their first case that was a huge hit here was the Otterbox Defender Series. There were a lot of complaints though that it was too hard to put on and that it was too bulky. They’re addressing that now with a new product – the Otterbox Reflex Case for the iPhone 4 and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Before anything else, watch this video about the Otterbox Reflex Case to get a feel for what it’s all about.

We currently have a demo unit here with us for the iPhone 4 and we definitely prefer this over the Defender series. The Reflex is much more lightweight, easier to install, and it looks way better than the Defender or the Commuter. To put the Reflex on all you have to do is to slide the top part first on the iPhone 4 and slide the lower portion for a snug and secure fit.

Otterbox Reflex Case - easy to install!

What’s so special about the Otterbox Reflex? The breakthrough technology here is a series of thin, rubber, air-filled mini-compartments spread along the back and the corners of the case. These linings supposedly absorb and spread the force when the phone is dropped.

Otterbox Reflex rubber mini-compartments

A cool thing about the design also is that you can easily dock the iPhone 4 by just sliding out the lower portion of the case. I’m a big fan of docks so this works very well for me. Here’s a photo:

iPhone 4 with Otterbox Reflex docked

I’ve tried a lot of iPhone 4 cases and the Otterbox Reflex is one of my absolute favorites. It offers the perfect balance of protection and design. SRP is Php2,500. A bit pricey but it’s definitely worth it.

Unbox highly recommends the Otterbox Reflex Case for all iPhone 4 owners out there. 🙂



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