iPhone 4S Unboxed

iPhone 4S Unboxed

Unboxing the iPhone 4S here in the Philippines!

Unboxing the “Most Amazing iPhone yet”, the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S is scheduled to launch on both SMART and GLOBE on December 16, 2011. We were able to secure unlocked (open line) units in advance so that we can do a head-to-head battle in terms of mobile internet speed and stability in different parts of Metro Manila. You’ll read more on that tomorrow afternoon and Thursday. For now let me just share with you guys our unboxing of Apple’s “most amazing iPhone yet”, the iPhone 4S.

Let's open up this bad boy!
We got both the black and white 16GB units. For the speed tests in the upcoming posts, the SMART simcard will be on the white unit while GLOBE simcard will be on the black unit. 🙂

So what was my first impression upon opening the box? Well… nothing really magical since it looks exactly like the iPhone 4 which I previously owned. If you’re an existing iPhone 4 user don’t expect to be initially blown away. The main selling point of the iPhone 4S is not what’s outside but what’s supposed to be inside it.

What's inside the box? The usual. Earphones, USB cable, and the charger. There's also the manual, SIM try opener, and the two Apple stickers.

What are the physical differences of the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S?

The antennae system was revamped to make sure that you get stable signal and that there's no more "death grip". In this photo the iPhone 4S is on the left (with the line) and the iPhone 4 is on the right (no line).
iPhone 4S is the one with no line at the top. Btw, the iPhone 4S feels a little bit heavier. It's not that noticeable though.

Initial Impressions so far

Time to put the sim cards in! Hehe. 🙂 This is gonna be fun and probably controversial. Note that these units are not from the telcos. They were secured for the purpose of independent testing.

The first thing we tried when we popped the sim cards in was Siri. To activate Siri you have to go to Settings -> General -> Siri and then turn it on. We’ll do another article that shows how effective Siri is in the Philippines but in a nutshell you can get it to do all the commands save for anything that’s related to location. If you ask anything location based Siri will just reply “Sorry, I can’t look for places in the Philippines”.

The next thing after Siri that I wanted to test was the “legendary camera” of the iPhone 4S. Well it turns out that it is ridiculously good. I’ll upload the photos we took earlier in the full review that we’ll publish here on Unbox but let me tell you now that this puts to shame even digital point-and-shoot cameras. Apple really did an awesome job with this feature.

As for the faster processor and better memory we’ll get to test that tomorrow when we start loading up apps. I can’t wait to play Infinity Blade 2 on this!

Smart iPhone 4S vs Globe iPhone 4S coming soon!

SMART iPhone 4S vs GLOBE iPhone 4S... Let's get ready to rumble!!!

Starting tomorrow we’ll be posting the results of our speedtests. We’ll try to hit 8 locations tomorrow and another 8 locations on Thursday. We’ll carry it on until next week so that we cover as much ground as possible before you make your decision on which iPhone 4S you’ll buy.

That’s it for now. May the best telco win!

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