It’s Official: Samsung’s Selling The Galaxy Note 7 Again

It’s Official: Samsung’s Selling The Galaxy Note 7 Again

But only in limited numbers and just in Korea to start

The rumors have been proven trueSamsung has officially announced that they’ll be putting their previously explosive Galaxy Note 7 back in the market, though the phone has been through a few changes to make it safer this time around. It’s not surprising really – the Galaxy Note 7 was one of the best phones we’ve ever tested from Samsung, even if you throw their Galaxy S8 and S8+ into the mix.

The still has most of the hardware that it possessed when Samsung launched it last year, with a few major differences: the battery is much smaller, at 3200mAh and has passed through the company’s stringent 8-point battery check. The phone also now comes with Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant.

The company is planning to sell 400,000 units of the re-badged, Galaxy Note Fan Edition in their home market of Korea, with a retail price of just 699,000 won, or around Php 30.7K. Samsung stresses that the re-released Note 7 is made up of unopened and unused Note 7 parts to soften the environmental impact of having to dispose of roughly around 3.5 million devices

There’s no word of Samsung offering the Galaxy Note FE in other countries, but if priced competitively, would you take the plunge with the new-old phone?



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