Jaybird X2 Review: Still the Best Wireless Earphones You Can Buy

by Carlo Ople  October 6, 2016

The JayBird X2
The JayBird X2

Versatile, Rugged, and Outstanding Sound Quality

I’ve been personally using the Jaybird X2 as my primary earphones for the last year. Yes friends, this is a review that took more than a year to make. I’ve pretty much used it for everything — while training in the gym, running in a park, taking my stress out on a punching bag, chilling in the car while stuck in EDSA traffic, to even multiple trips on a plane in different parts of the world. After a year with it I’ve come to the conclusion that the Jaybird X2 is truly the best and most versatile wireless earphones you can get and I personally recommend it to all of our readers here on Unbox.

Jaybird X2 Specs

  • Speaker sensitivity: 103 +-2dB At 1KHz
  • Audio Format: 16-bit Stereo
  • Codec Shift™ custom SBC implementation
  • Response Bandwidth: 20-20000Hz
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth Class 2.1+EDR
  • Battery play time: 8 hours
  • Sweatproof
  • Built-in microphone
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Comes with Ear Fins for Secure Lock, Carrying Case, and Multiple Ear Buds (foam and silicon)

Let’s jump right into our quick review.

It Sounds Amazing for Wireless Audio

These bad boys can SING
These bad boys can SING

Most of my close techie friends know that I hate wireless audio. Being someone who has invested tens of thousands of pesos on high-end headphones, mobile DACs, and other audiophile grade gear, I always felt that wireless was just inferior to wired. While that’s still true, the convenience you get with wireless is just too hard to ignore. My previous set-up involved having to bring a Lightning to USB converter cable, a MOJO mobile DAC, and then big clunky headphones. Now it’s just the X2 which I can easily stuff in a small messenger bag.

Wireless audio technology has also reached a point where you can slap really nice drivers and connectivity modules on small earphones to get outstanding audio. This is even enhanced greatly with the secure fit of the earbuds (thanks to the multiple foam and silicon tips you can choose from with the Jaybird X2) in your ear. Among all the wireless headphones I’ve reviewed through the years, even the ridiculously expensive Parrot Zik headphones, the Jaybird X2 comes out on top.

Lows, Mids, Highs, Isolation, Sound Stage

Technically speaking, the Lows are just perfect. Powerful without being overbearing or overwhelming. Punchy, defined, and compact which is my preference for bass (I hate loose bass).

The Mids are also right up my alley. They don’t get buried by the Lows which is the usual issue with Wireless headphones or earphones. I can listen to acoustic sets of Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, or Norah Jones without any issue. I can just get lost in the music and not get distracted by the imperfections.

Lastly we have the Highs. Clean, clear, and not harsh. Again, in my book, just perfect.

As for Noise Isolation? It works well enough that I pick to bring the Jaybird X2 over my noise cancelling headphones on trips abroad. Yep, this is my audio gear of choice when I go on planes. It’s that good especially if you find the right fit in your ear with the correct foam tip.

Lastly we have Soundstage. To be honest this is where the Jaybird X2 doesn’t measure up to my favorite big (but clunky) headphones. However, given that it’s an in-ear and it’s wireless, I still got the best soundstage I ever got from a device like this. There’s obvious spacing between and around instruments and I’m glad to trade the hassle of bringing so much audio gear for a little less sound stage with the Jaybird X2.

It’s Versatile, Rugged, and All that You Need

Panalo talaga friends.
Panalo talaga friends.

The Jaybird X2’s free accessories make it versatile, compact, and rugged. It comes with several sized silicon and foam tips (make sure you try several until you find the perfect lock), ear fins (to make sure it’s secure in your ear especially when you’re active), and a nice carrying pouch. I personally don’t use the fins because I find them inconvenient and the Jaybird X2 works well even without them. The only time I make it a point to use the fins is when I hit the punching bag in the gym.

You can’t say it’s rugged and that it can go the distance without talking about the battery life and here the Jaybird X2 just slays. It can play music for around 8 hours which is much better compared to a lot of other wireless headphones.

Lastly, the built-in microphone is just tops. This is my go-to earphones when I do calls at work and it just delivers every time. The noise isolation makes the incoming voice of the caller clear and pristine (well depending on how sucky the connection is, hehe).

Verdict: Still the Best for Me

In my book, the Jaybird X2 is the best wireless earphones. It withstood the test of time for me as I’ve been using and abusing them for well over a year and even in different parts of the world (they were with me when I was in Barcleona for Mobile World Congress and San Francisco for Google I/O).

Different color options FTW
Different color options FTW

I highly recommend them. Only issue? Price. It retails at Digital Walker and Beyond the Box for Php8,950. However I can guarantee you that it’s worth every peso because it can go the distance with you. If ever you’re thinking of getting the new Apple AirPods when they come out, don’t! Just go for this one instead since the price difference between the two isn’t that big.

If you can wait a bit though, the Jaybird X3 should be hitting local stores soon. However I won’t even recommend you get those, hehe. When the X3 comes out, we anticipate (and hope for) a price drop or cut on the Jaybird X2. When that happens, skip the X3 because the X2 is already everything you’ll probably need, especially if you can get it for less.

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    Although I am not disputing your findings, I might look elsewhere for a better find if price is an issue

    Try Bluedio BT headphones (not an in-ear headphones) such as the T2 +. For about P2.5k at Lazada, these may well be a much better bargain.

    I agree, Jaybirds truly is the best on wireless audio earbuds.

    Sad thing is when X2 came out. Jaybirds Bluebuds X didn’t had a pricedrop.
    Even when X and X2 has the similar audio quality.

    The Jaybird 2 were terrible! They were over priced and crap! Had a phone distance of like 5 ft if you are lucky! So bad I gave them to my teenage daughter she can’t even get them to stay in! So she doesn’t even use them! TERRIBLE!

    Awei 980 (through lazada) priced at under 900 pesos might surprise you. Sure jaybird may be better but not 8x better. Like the author, I don’t fancy wireless (having splurge on audiophile DACs and headphones myself) but enjoy the convenience of wireless.

    I tried the jaybird x2 and was not impressed by it enough to justify the price. I am willing to pay 20k for momentum wireless or 8k for HarKar BT (on sale, old bit still good) than the jaybird for 8k (just IMHO, don’t mean to disrespect). Now, the Awei is just a curious, impulsive buy. It surprised me, I think it’s a good buy.

    i had this earphones, maganda tlga ung tunog at hassle-free w/ its clips. the problem is nagkaroon ako ng problem sa ears after using it for 1 month. Medyo nabingi ung ears ko at sumakit, lalo na sa left ear. eh ilang years na rin ako gumagamit ng wired earphones, 1 hour per day, wala nman akong naging problem, ngaun lang tlga sa Jaybird X2. May hazard b ang paggamit ng bluetooth earphones? ngaun d na masakit at normal na ung pandinig ko pro d na ako gumagamit kahit anong earphones.