Leagoo’s S9 Is An iPhone X Copycat Under $300

It even comes with its own notch

Want something that kinda looks like the iPhone X but don’t want to drop Php 65K? Just wait – Chinese company Leagoo is looking to release their Android-based iPhone X clone soon, and it’ll only cost around $300, or Php 15K.

Their upcoming S9 smartphone has the same notch that the iPhone X has, but production costs limit Leagoo’s ability to put in skinny bezels on the sides of the S9. The rear has the same dual-camera arrangement as the iPhone X, though the fingerprint scanner placed on the middle spoils the illusion a little bit.

Aside from the phone’s looks, little is known about it, specifically its internals, though you can expect some kind of MeidaTek processor budged in there, as well as 4GB of RAM minimum for this iPhone X copycat. No release date has been set for it as well.



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