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LG Focuses and Bets Big on the 18:9 FullVision Display of the LG G6

The LG G6
After last year’s massive debacle with the modular LG G5, LG decided to focus on one key defining feature for the LG G6 on their marketing materials. All of the videos they’ve released so far, as well as the central theme of their keynote at MWC in Barcelona, all revolve around the FullVision (18:9 Dimensions making it taller than the usual) display. All the other features seem like a “by the way” with the core focus on the giant screen. This is probably a good thing since the marketing of the G5 was too convoluted with all the messaging it had with the modularity and the LG friends.

The big question now is if their focus on the 18:9 TrueVision display is enough to sway a lot of people so that they can actually grab significant market share from the competition? If you think about it, they actually have a fighting chance. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 “exploded” in the faces of their Korean rival leaving the field pretty open except for the iPhone 7 Plus and the devices offered by Chinese manufacturers like Huawei. However the lack of strong breakthrough features and the usual flagship price might be too steep of a barrier to get non-LG customers flocking to them.

Granted that is packs FullVision, dual-camera set-up, water resistant, better metal/glass design, and the Hifi Quad DAC, it’s still not enough to make people forget that there’s a new iPhone coming later this year or that there’s a new Samsung S8 or Galaxy Note around the corner. People will probably play wait and see before they decide. In the off chance that all the other flagships stick to the current display dimensions though, LG would be poised to stand out and probably might just get some new customers coming over to their side of the fence.

The LG G6 will probably immediately appeal to existing LG fans, especially the audiophiles who have fallen in love with the Hi-Fi Quad DAC that first debuted with the LG V20.

How about you guys? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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