LG Philippines Shuts Down Smartphone Business

No more new LG phones locally

We’ve been hearing rumors that the phone arm of LG Philippines is no more, but today we’ve finally gotten confirmation. Revu is reporting that an LG executive has confirmed the rumors that the company has shut down its handset business locally, which means no more new LG smartphones will be released in the Philippines.

Current owners of LG smartphones will still be able to get their phones serviced and warrantied of course, but don’t expect the company’s new G8 Thinq to ever arrive in the Philippines, at least officially.

Since LG will still continue to operate in the Philippines, selling appliances, TVs and other electronics, it’s not out of the question that the company will re-enter the local smartphone market at a later time. But for now, they’re out of the smartphone game in the Philippines.

LG’s local smartphone capitulation is sad, but not unexpected news. The company’s smartphone division has always struggled to make it past the red, but none of their recent models managed to excite consumers enough to buy in large, appreciable numbers, at least locally, to reverse the trend.

By the time LG realized that solid features, and not gimmicks sold smartphones, other brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, vivo, and OPPO had already managed to establish themselves in the market, further eating away at the market share left by its domestic rival, Samsung.


John Nieves

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  1. How about Sony? I haven’t seen or heard anything from them for quite some time now, at least locally.

  2. LG is a perfect example of a good company turn greedy, in terms in handling their mobile division. Their entry to mid range (kseries) was horribly priced in terms of their spec, that people would rather choose a cherry mobile, they even put a dated sd835 on their flagship, while everybody was using the new 845, and when they did, it was alteady late. They did not have any models, that compete directly to the midrange kings, Redmi and Honor, which might added to its downfall.

  3. A long time fan of LG… sadly and strangely enough, the precursor LG L3 Optimus E400 has never been equalled much less surpassed, particularly the cameras.. Still, great durability, shock resistant and incredible Corning glass.

  4. They cant even produce a proper midranger, honor play and pocophone eats LG flagship for breakfast and sony for lunch

  5. The problem with LG is that they’ve always introduced new phones with exorbitant prices only to heavily discount them a few months later because consumers ignored their overpriced products

  6. Napakamahal nmn kc overpriced. And designs are not appealing. Very huge market ang pilipinas but they failed bkit hindi nila gayahin ang oppo vivo xiaomi and huawei. The problem about these korean companies they maybe huge companies but lacks expertise in handling consumer demands. Now adays its the consumer that dictates not the company. Wala na tyo sa panahon ng nokia tyo na ang nagsasabi ano expected natin na ilalabas nila para sa atin. Una gusto ntin is mura or reasonable yung price 2nd specs 3 innovation etc. Last year almost every company copied iphones notch and that was a stupid move kya nmn pala gawin maliit na butas or fullscreen kaso hindi niila ginawa.. kya wala masyado n benta. The notch was ugly.

  7. Most of there phones have issues especially flagships. I bought a G5 during launch. After 6 months of use, the screen developed image retention, the gps does not work properly anymore, and the battery turns off at 25%. I bought this phone for 32000 and after 2 years, I saw it being sold at 7000 pesos. WTF.

  8. I also bought LG G5 during the pre order. At that time I saw the future of LG G5 bec of first phone to have to have two camera at the back/ wide angle and its “friends.” The big issue with their phone is the battery life. I was able to replace my battery 5x already. Camera wise I like it better than Samsung ( with same release date with LG G5).

    Hopefully when they return, they won’t compete with Samsung/Apple. So that their prices will be at a mid range

  9. That is the problem of LG phones even in batteries its very hard to find of my 4xhd model..a 2009 make..just junk it which i bought @ 23k..nothing much i can do..

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