LG Plans to Push the Boundaries of Smartphone Photography with 16 Rear Cameras

LG Plans to Push the Boundaries of Smartphone Photography with 16 Rear Cameras

More is better perhaps?

When Huawei launched the first triple rear camera smartphone with the P20 Pro, most of us were quite impressed at how those three cameras were utilized for photography. Samsung followed through months later with the quad rear camera Galaxy A9 (2018), where each camera served a specific purpose. There are rumors of Nokia launching a Penta rear camera phone, but we have yet seen the actual purpose of such a setup.

If you think five cameras is too much, LG had other ideas in mind when they submitted a patent of a yet-unknown smartphone boasting of SIXTEEN (yes, as in 16) rear cameras. That’s the same number of cameras found on Light’s L16 Camera. Designed in a 4×4 array, LG’s patent details that the cameras are arranged at an angle where it can photograph the scene from different perspectives.

In principle, all 16 cameras will photograph the same scene, letting the user decide later which of the 16 photos is the best. In addition, having that many cameras aim to improve depth perception in portrait mode. Finally, the patent reveals that you can do in-phone manipulations where you stitch scenes together.

Since you have that many cameras, LG’s patent includes a mirror, where one can use all 16 cameras to take a selfie. While it sounds strange—not to mention weird and creepy as well—we could only imagine what those 16 cameras can do.


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