LG Says Goodbye To The G-series

by John Nieves  January 4, 2018

No more G7 this year

LG has always lived in the shadow of its more famous domestic competitor despite having pretty solid offerings. Their mediocre performance the last few years in terms of overall marketshare and profits (their mobile division has only been in the black twice in two years) have underscored just how much work they still have to put in to come out on top.

As part of their renewed efforts, LG is looking to rebrand their G-series of phones to a new, flagship brand. That means there will no longer be a G7 this year.

The G-series of phones first kicked off back in 2012 with their Optimus G, with the last phone being the G6, released last year. The new phone with the new brand name will be introduced in the first half of 2018, more than likely during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

LG’s also considering a two-digit number for the first phone under the new brand, as the company doesn’t want to consumers to think that they’re behind the offerings of their competitors like the Samsung S9 or the iPhone X.


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