LG’s Releasing An Enhanced V30 (2018) On MWC

by John Nieves  February 14, 2018

It’ll come with new software tricks and enhanced storage

While LG won’t be showing off its latest flagship in Mobile World Congress, the company’s still set to make an appearance at the iconic show. So what will it present during the world’s biggest technology show? Apparently it’ll be an enhanced version of the V30, with a few new AI-powered tricks.

The phone, dubbed the V30 (2018), will come with what the company calls vision AI, which automatically detects what you’re trying to take a photo of and adjusts settings accordingly. Pointing the camera at food for example, will change the shooting mode to “food mode”, sharpening the image and making the colors warmer.

Vision AI also includes a low-light shooting mode which automatically brighten images by a factor of two. Instead of conventional methods of measuring external light levels, Vision AI instead measures the brightness of the actual image that will be recorded, resulting in brightness levels that are adjusted much more accurately.

LG’s also infusing the camera with voice command capabilities that takes advantage of the two rear cameras on the phone. There’s also rumored to be a storage bump for the V30, putting the device at 256GB.

It’s likely that the additional features are simply stop gap measures of LG to polish an already existing smartphone for this year’s MWC. Will the new features of the V30 (2018) show up via software update in earlier devices? It’s too early to tell. We’ll have to see in two weeks’ time.


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