LTE Is Coming To Dumbphones Thanks To Qualcomm

LTE Is Coming To Dumbphones Thanks To Qualcomm

Faster internet capabilities even for featurephones

While featurephones have been improving over the years, most of the time they’re basic devices that you use mostly for texting and calling, thanks to the uber-slow 3G and EDGE data connections they’re capable of. But dumbphones of the future will likely be able to connect to faster LTE mobile networks thanks to Qualcomm’s newest 205 Mobile Platform Chipset.

The new chipset brings LTE capability to featurephones, with phones equipped with the new chip now able to connect via the LTE Cat 4 modem inside (150Mbps download, 50Mbps upload). The new chip also supports WiFi via the 802.11 b/g/n standards, has Bluetooth 4.1 and ANT+ plus FM radio capabilities.

In the heart of the chipset beats a simple dual-core processor running at 1.1GHz and an unspecificied Qualcomm Adreno GPU. The chip will be able to support VGA displays running at 60 FPS at 480P, cameras up to 3-megapixels for the rear and a VGA on the front as well as HD video streaming.

Qualcomm says devices with the new chipset should make their way to the market by Q2 of 2017.

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