Marshall Adds New Tricks to the Major IV

Including an insane battery life

Marshall’s Major series of headphones is well-loved for its retro-inspired design, great soundstage, and affordable price. Even with the two-year-old Major III BT, Marshall simply stuck with what works and added a few new features like the multifunctional knob for ease of use. While all we wanted for the next Major headphones is a USB-C port, Marshall managed to add a few more features—all while keeping it at a $150(~Php 7.3k) price tag.

  • USB-C and fast wired charging. Finally, the Major gets a USB-C port for future-proofing, and it even has a fast-charging feature to boot—a 15-minute charge will let you use the headphones for 15 hours.
  • Insane battery life. If the Major III’s 30-hour rated battery life is already impressive, the Major IV takes it up a notch with its rated 80-hour battery life. That means you can use the Major IV for 10 days (assuming you use them 8 hours a day) before needing to top up the battery.
  • Wireless charging. Since it is a pair of Bluetooth headphones, it makes sense to put wireless charging in them, right? Marshall just did that on the Major IV, adding a charging coil to the right earcup.
  • Share your music. The Major IV’s 3.5mm jack can now be used to plug in another pair of wired cans so that you can share your music with your friend. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Better ergonomics. Despite sticking to the same, retro-inspired design, Marshall made a few tweaks to the Major IV, which include softer ear cushions (that are also replaceable).

Ther Major IV is currently available for pre-order in the US and will be available on October 14.


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