Marshall Minor Earbuds

Marshall Minor Earbuds

The Marshall Minor Earbuds is the smaller brother of the Marshall Major Headphones. The Marshall Minor Earbuds are in-ear models so you’ll have to make sure that they’re positioned properly in your ear so that you get the best sound quality it can offer. The Minors come with EarClick technology as well which will help lock the buds in the best position. By the way, make sure you get the right earpads on the buds that fits your ear (there are different sizes in the box).

The Minors also have a microphone as well as controls for your iPod on the cable. This is a great plus because I hate it when I have to take out my phone from my pocket every time I need to change the song or the volume.

Marshall Minor Earbuds sells for Php2,650. Available in Digital Hub/Digital Walker.

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