Marshall Stanmore Review: Kick Ass Versatile Wireless Speakers

Marshall Stanmore Review: Kick Ass Versatile Wireless Speakers

Marshall Stanmore

The Marshall Stanmore is the follow-up to the limited edition Marshall Hanwell speakers. Compared to it’s predecessor, the Marshall Stanmore comes in a smaller body and offers a full compliment of connectivity options. While the Hanwell offered only one connection (via standard audio jack), the Stanmore lets you connect via RCA, optical, wireless Bluetooth, and the usual headphone jack. In short, the Stanmore is Marshall’s answer to the biggest criticism of the Hanwell which was limited connectivity. With more connectivity options you get to use it for a variety of scenarios.

The Marshall Stanmore is also relatively cheaper than the Hanwell. It’s still pricey, mind you, at Php19,995. However we believe that it strikes the right balance in good looks, versatility, and sound quality for it to be worth every centavo.

Signature Marshall Rock Design

Marshall Stanmore b

The Marshall Stanmore follows the vintage design cues of the Marshall Hanwell. It literally looks like one of those guitar amps that rockstars would use on stage! We have the black leather vinyl body (same material used in old car dashboards) and the fret cloth design with the Marshall logo at the front. The control panel is located at the top (in metallic gold no less) while the various connectivity ports are in the back. It also comes with a coiled double-sided cable which resembles the guitar to amp cables from yesteryear.

Marshall Stanmore c

The control panel in itself is a design marvel! There’s no volume rocker here. Instead we have classic knob controls including a lever for power which gives a satisfying “click” sound each time you turn it off or on. There are also LED lights to indicate which connectivity option is currently active.

Marshall Stanmore g

Over-all in terms of design and build the Marshall Stanmore is a sure head-turner and conversation piece regardless if you put it in your living room or office!

Versatile and Great All-Arounder

Marshall Stanmore d

The multiple connectivity options lets you use the Marshall Stanmore in a variety of scenarios. In the last few weeks we’ve successfully turned it into your primary speaker set for the living room of our condo! If we want to listen to music from our smartphone? Bluetooth or audio cable. If we want to watch a movie on our huge 55-inch TV? Optical cable from Apple TV or PS3 to the Stanmore. Gaming? Same. We can even use AirPlay via Apple TV!

Exceptionally Loud

Marshall Stanmore f

And now we get to the most important part, sound quality. Let us start by saying that the Marshall Hanwell is still, by far, superior in this aspect compared to the Marshall Stanmore. The Hanwell has much more powerful drivers. That said, the Stanmore ain’t no slouch. You can still easily fill up a living room with the music you play on it at 50%-60% volume (with the Hanwell though you can do that with 25% hehe).

In terms of actual quality, the Stanmore delivers good bass, clear highs, and relatively detailed mids. In did the best work with acoustic, instrumental, and vocal tracks. It struggled a bit with R&B and dance because the body of the music kinda felt small and not as whole as the Hanwell.

There are definitely speakers that offer better sound quality and performance at this price range. However only a few (none come to mind though lol) of them can match the Stanmore as a complete package (looks, versatility, and sound quality).

Your Living Room Looks Much Better With the Marshall Stanmore

If you’re looking for wireless speakers for your music or a sound bar for your TV, the Marshall Stanmore is worth considering. Simply put, it’s the most kick-ass speakers to date.

The Marshall Stanmore is available in Beyond the Box and Digital Walker for Php19,995.



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