MediaTek Confirms Marshmallow Is Coming To 6752, 6753 Octa-core SoCs

by John Nieves  October 12, 2015


New reasons to get excited about MediaTek’s new SoCs

After getting down and dirty explaining why some phones get Android OS updates and some don’t, MediaTek Account Div. Manager, Emerging Markets Cedric Chang gave us some good news regarding the company’s efforts to get Google’s latest OS, Marshmallow, to devices armed with their processors. According to him, their latest MT6753 octa-core processor (that’s used by a variety of Android phones currently hitting the market) will be getting updated to Marshmallow, and will be among the first wave of MediaTek processors getting the update.

More importantly, their MT6752 octa-core processor that’s in the Flare X and a host of other phones will also be getting an update to Marshmallow as well – a big promise, considering that many phones using that processor is still stuck on KitKat. Still, the company says that they’re doing their best in regards to proving a speedy update – hopefully they back up their promise with an actual update.

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    sana lang totohanin ng mga tsekwang yan. I’m a user of Alcatel Flash Plus having the MTK 6752 soc and stuck kami sa kitat..di man lang pinangakuan ng lollipop update..sana totoo na to. walang kwenta ang 64bit soc kung ang OS mo 32bit lang.