MediaTek Officially Unveils the Helio P70

by Duey Guison  October 24, 2018

It is a more power-efficient version of the Helio P60

After being in the rumor mill since January this year, MediaTek has officially unveiled the mid-range Helio P70 processor. While it has nearly the same features with the Helio P60, the Helio P70 boasts of a higher-clocked Cortex-A73 cores at 2.1Ghz (compared to 2.0Ghz on the Helio P60), and can support a 24-megpixel+16-megapixel dual rear camera setup (compared to the 20-megapixel+16-megapixel dual rear camera setup the Helio P60 supports).

Identical features aside, MediaTek claims that the Helio P70 is 10-30% better than the Helio P60 in AI Tasks and 10% in general tasks thanks to an improved AI engine. In addition, the Helio P70 has an improved Energy Aware Scheduling+ that is said to lower operating temps by up to 4.5 Celsius, on top of up to 35% better power efficiency.

The Helio P70 is slated to be available by next month.


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    The Ulefone T2 Pro that was the first phone to have the helio P70 soc wonder whatever happened to that.