MediaTek Reportedly Working on Helio P80, P90 Processors

Following the success of the Helio P60

With the success of the Helio P60 processor as one of MediaTek’s highlights for this year, the Taiwanese-based company is reportedly working on its successor with the Helio P80 and P90.

There’s little details about these new processors, except that OPPO will be one of the first brands to utilize them according to Roland Quandt. Speculated specs include possibly using Cortex-A75/A76 and Cortex-A55 cores and utilizing either a 4+4 or 2+6 core configuration—the latter being similar to Qualcomm’s implementation on the Snapdragon 710. An updated APU is expected on both the Helio P80 and P90.

This recent development implies MediaTek’s priorities, as it focuses on improving its P-series processor and stalling development on the X-series processors. The last X-series processor was 2017’s Helio X30.


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