MediaTek Secures Permission to Supply Chips to Huawei

by Duey Guison  August 31, 2020

With Huawei facing possible problems once the US sanctions take effect by September 15, Taiwan-based semiconductor manufacturer MediaTek announced that it has applied to the US for permission to supply chips to Huawei.

One of its reasons in applying for permission is that MediaTek might be among the worst affected by the US trade ban on Huawei. “MediaTek reiterates its respect for following relevant orders and rules on global trade, and has already applied for permission with the U.S. side in accordance with the rules,” MediaTek said in a brief statement.

With Huawei possibly putting the production of its in-house Kirin chips to a halt due to the US Trade Ban, Huawei can utilize MediaTek’s current crop of processors for its line of smartphones. MediaTek’s current 5G SoC offerings include the Dimensity 800U, Dimensity 720, Dimensity 800, and Dimensity 1000+. Should all things go well, MediaTek might be able to help Huawei with its current chip dilemma.

Currently, Huawei 5G phones that use a MediaTek processor are the Enjoy Z and Maimang 9—both being exclusive to the Chinese market.


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    They are wasting their time …if Trump wins in Nov and he will
    the war with China goes on and H is part of it