Meet Ballie: Samsung’s Intelligent, Rolling Personal Robot

Meet Ballie: Samsung’s Intelligent, Rolling Personal Robot

It’ll help you run your smart home

Samsung introduced a new, intriguing member of their family in this year’s CES: Ballie, an intelligent, rolling personal robot that’s touted as the company as the next evolution of IoT.

Ballie is powered by AI smarts and can interact with you and your smart home in simple and powerful ways – at least, that’s Samsung’s promise.

In a video shared by Samsung showing off Ballie’s abilities, it showed the diminutive ball calling a robot vacuum to clean up a mess caused by a spill, opening curtains and turning on a TV for a furry friend waiting for his human to come home.

Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t dropped any details on the price or availability of the cutest member of their family, though hopefully, Ballie ends up as an actual product and not just adorable vaporware.

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