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Meet the Prinker S: A Fun Device for Printing Temporary Tattoos

All it takes is a swipe

Did you ever want to get yourself a tattoo but 1) is afraid of the pain of the whole process, or 2) do not want to have ink on your skin forever? Korean company Prinker has a fun, painless, and small solution to that.

Using ink made from cosmetic ingredients, the Prinker prints your tattoo of choice (which you can choose or create via the Prinker app) onto your skin, skipping the needles in the process. Think of it as an inkjet printer for temporary tattoos.

And since it uses cosmetic ingredients, Prinker-printed tattoos are water-resistant and can last for two days. Removing them is easy: all you need is either soap or make-up remover to clean your skin free of temporary tattoos.

The Prinker is priced at $270(~Php 13.7k) and includes a colored and black cartridge. The black and colored cartridge refills will cost you $100(~Php 5.1k) and $150(~Php 7.6k) respectively.

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