Meet Xiaomi’s Mi Robot Vacuum, Sucks More than its Competitors

by Camille Vidan  August 31, 2016

Unbox 108 - Mi Robot Vacuum 3
Chinese brand Xiaomi isn’t afraid to diversify its product portfolio, and has already announced home appliances like Air Purifiers and TVs before. That’s why its latest product announcement, a robotic vacuum cleaner dubbed the Mi Robot Vacuum, isn’t too surprising.

The new gadget will be part of Xiaomi’s new Mi Ecosystem startup dubbed “Stone Technology”, and true to form, has considerable advantages compared to established players. The Mi Robot Vacuum has a suction rating of 1,800 Pa compared to the iRobot Roomba 970 (1670 Pa). The best part is that it’s priced at only a quarter of the Roomba 980’s price of $900, coming in at around $250, or Php 11.6K.

Unbox 108 - Mi Robot Vacuum 1
Just like its contemporaries the Mi Robot Vacuum has a round shape, and can raise and lower itself to boost suction power. It gets around via ultrasonic radar sensors, wall and collision sensors, cliff and drop sensors plus two rubber wheels with an assistive wheel. The device can navigate fine on its own, though you can set boundaries via a tape that Xiaomi’s selling for RMB 39. Just like anything that Xiaomi sells, you can connect to the device via a companion app. The Chinese company estimates that the 5,200mAh battery inside it is capable of covering 250 meters of space.

Unbox 108 - Mi Robot Vacuum 2

Just like Xiaomi’s other gadgets, the Mi Robot Vacuum is only available to purchase in China.

Source: Hugo Barra, VP of Xiaomi

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