Microsoft Surprises Everyone with XBox Series S Announcement

To come with a tempting sub-$300 price tag

While everyone is waiting for the next-generation XBox Series X, Microsoft pulled off a surprised by announcing a compact XBox Series S model on Twitter.

Microsoft simply teased the XBox Series S has having next-generation performance while keeping a small footprint, the more eye-catching detail is the price, which is at $299(~Php 14.6k).

As for what the XBox Series S is capable of, a leaked promotional video reveals that it is quite a powerful videogame console: 1440p gaming at up to 120FPS, custom 512GB SSD, 4K media streaming, 4K upscaling for games, Ray tracing, and variable refresh rate option, to name a few.

While 512GB may sound pretty small, the XBox Series S is expected to have an expansion port just like the XBox Series X. It’s also worth noting that the XBox Series S does not have an optical drive, so you will really depend on SSD or external storage. As for size, the XBox Series S is said to be around 60% smaller than the XBox Series X, so those specs it has to offer are very impressive.

Microsoft Announces XBox Series X with New Tower Design

If that’s not enough, there are reports that the XBox Series X is priced at $499(~Php 24.3k), which makes it interesting as the Playstation 5 is rumored to be $49 cheaper at $450(~Php 21.9k)

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