MSI-ECS Warehouse Sale

Another smashing Sale this September!

Laptops, monitors, tablets, and more on “Sale”

It looks like we’re really entering the “SALE SEASON”. Here’s another announcement of a sale. This time it’s from MSI-ECS and they’ll be shaving off up to 80% on selected tech products. I went through the list of items they have and it’s mostly laptops and accessories. The sale will run from September 13 – 16 at MSI-ECS HQ at no. 3 Economia St., Libis in Quezon City.

Abe published a list of stuff that’s included in the sale. I went through them and there are only a few items that caught my attention. There were several Apple products there like the iPad 2 but the discount was small ranging from 3%-5%. You can actually get better prices anytime of the day by just going over to Digital Hub in Greenhills.

I saw three items though. I’m not 100% sure they’re good buys especially with the Dell Streak 5 since it was already announced that this product will be discontinued.

  • DELL STREAK 5: Down to Php20,490 (around 25% off)
  • MICROSOFT ARC MOUSE: Down to Php1,269 (around 50% off)
  • ACER ICONICA TABLET: Down to Php18,900 (around 14% off, note that this is a review unit)
So what’s my verdict? I have a strong gut feeling that the prices will go down on the last day. If you really want to *try* to get a good deal (no guarantees), go during the last few hours on September 16. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

Carlo Ople

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