MyPhone Octa-Core? Ocean Pro, Ocean Elite, and Ocean Lite!

New line-up of smartphones from MyPhone
New line-up of smartphones from MyPhone

It looks like MyPhone is getting ready to launch a complete new line-up of smartphones very soon! Based on this photo that’s going around Facebook, we’re going to see a new series of devices under the name “Ocean”. The line-up includes the MyPhone Ocean Pro, MyPhone Ocean Lite, and the MyPhone Ocean Elite. We’re hoping that either the Elite or the Pro will be MyPhone’s long awaited octa-core offering.

If ever this is true, MyPhone’s new octa-core smartphone will be battling it out against current octa-core devices in the market: the Starmobile Diamond X1, THL T100 Monkey King II, and the Cherry Mobile Comsos Z2.

We asked around and sources are saying that the new line-up of MyPhone devices will be unveiled during the upcoming MyPhone Congress this coming February 27-28. We’ll keep you guys posted.


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