Nikon to Reportedly Halt DSLR Camera Development

Nikon to Reportedly Halt DSLR Camera Development

As one of the few brands to still sell DSLR cameras, it seems that Nikon is waving the white flag on development. A report from Nikkei indicates that the Japanese camera brand will stop the development of DSLR cameras and instead will focus on mirrorless cameras.

This indicates that it will be an end of an era, where Nikon has been making SLRs since 1959 with the Nikon F. Aside from being one of the first brands to sell SLRs, Nikon is also one of the first to launch a DSLR with the D1 back in 1999.

Nikon D500


Nikon has been quiet with DSLRs as of late, with its last DSLR being the D6 back in 2020. It has been quite late in the game for mirrorless cameras, with a failed attempt on the Nikon 1 series and a slightly more successful one with its Z-mount system–starting with the Z6 and Z7 back in 2018.

“Nikon’s cameras have been losing out to smartphones, which increasingly feature powerful cameras,” Nikkei states in its article. “Nikon aims to beat them by offering products with more unique features.” While development for DSLR cameras will be halted, Nikon will still sell DSLRs–at least for now.

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Nikon is not the only one halting dthe evelopment on DSLR cameras: Canon, whose last DSLR is the EOS-1Dx Mark 3 in 2020, is set to stop making DSLR cameras in the next few years.


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