Nintendo Instax Mini Link: Print Your Nintendo Switch Screenshots

Nintendo INSTAX Mini Link printer

Nintendo and FujiFilm recently collaborated on a special edition, Pokemon-themed wireless printer. The special edition bundle is basically a Pikachu-themed version of their successful Instax Mini Link printer, and comes with a red and blue colorway as well as a Pikachu silicon case.

The collab sees Fujifilm making a brand-new page for the special edition printer, giving Nintendo Switch owners detailed instructions on how to print screenshots taken from their handheld console using it. Buyers of the printer also get an Instax Mini Link app for the Nintendo Switch, which gives users the option to add Pokemon or Nintendo-themed frames to their photos. The app is free for download via the Apple App Store and Google Play store on April 30, 2021, coinciding with the release of the New Pokémon Snap.

This printer is no different from the existing Mini Link printers save for its distinct blue and red-colored parts. You can actually print screenshots from your Nintendo Switch without having to buy the new bundle or download the upcoming app to do so. If you want to simply print your Switch screenshots here’s how to do it:

How to Print Nintendo Switch Screenshots on Fujifilm Instax Printer

  • Take a screenshot on your Nintendo Switch
  • Transfer the screenshot to your smartphone
  • Open the Instax app to print the screenshot

Nintendo INSTAX Mini Link printer
This new method of printing fills in the shoes of the Nintendo Game Boy accessory released in 1998 called the Pocket Printer that is meant to be paired with the Game Boy Camera. Unlike instant film, the Game Boy Printer makes use of thermal printing technology which is similar to what stores use to print your receipts. From black and white photos on thermal paper, we now get to keep physical keepsakes of our digital memories on Instax film.

Nintendo Instax Mini Link printer Price Philippines

The Nintendo Instax Printer Bundle retails for USD 100 (Php 5,8k.) Browse and shop for other Instax Printers from Lazada

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