Nokia 8 Scores Poorly at DXOMark’s Tests

by Duey Guison  January 12, 2018

With an overall score equal to a three-year old smartphone

While we commend HMD Global for bringing back the Nokia brand, along with bringing Nokia’s known features such as a Carl Zeis lens on the flagship Nokia 8, it has been a different case when it comes to DXOMark ratings.

Recently, DXOMark tested the Nokia 8’s image and video capabilities, and gave a score of 72 and 62 respectively, with a final score of 68. The Nokia 8’s overall score places it below the 3-year old iPhone 6 (which got an overall score of 73) and above the PureView 808 (which got an overall score of 61).

For photos, the Nokia 8 produces a good exposure especially in well-lit situations, but sometimes experiences a lack of color saturation. Dynamic range is not up to par at times, even if Auto HDR is activated, and the Nokia 8 struggles when it comes to dealing with noise. In low light situations, there’s a decrease in detail an sharpness noticed with its images. While autofocus is pretty accurate, the Nokia 8 does slow down in low light.

As for video, the Nokia 8 performs below expectations due to a narrow dynamic range and unstable exposure in certain shooting conditions. Just like its photo performance, the Nokia 8’s autofocus performance in video does struggle when shooting in low light.

Source: DXOMark

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