Nokia E3511 Review Philippines: Upscale ANC

by Duey Guison  March 28, 2022

Review Verdict: The Nokia E3511 proves that affordable ANC TWS earbuds in the Philippines can be premium with their use of aluminum for the case. It is one of the brand’s better TWS offerings to date.


  • Premium metal case
  • Decent ANC


  • Slow touch controls
  • No aptX support

Last year’s E3500 proved that Nokia can produce great TWS earbuds at an affordable price. The E3511 wants to follow up on that by adding a much-wanted ANC feature and a premium build for the case. Are the upgrades worth it?


While the shape of the E3511’s case is similar to the E3500, Nokia spruced it up by adding an anodized metal shell. This gives them a more premium look, on top of being resilient against daily wear.

The earbuds have longer (and slimmer) stems than the E3500 and have the same anodized aluminum trim on the tip of the stem. The bump for the touch controls is relocated to the side, while the shape of the earbud tips is the same as the E3500 sans the two-tone finish.

User interface and fit

One of the things that annoyed me with the E3500 was the placement of the touch controls, where it was hard to tap into them properly. The E3511 addressed this by relocating them to the side, letting you “pinch” the stem for the touch controls to work. While the response time is slower, the controls on the E3511 feel more natural than that on the E3500.

In terms of functions, the E3511 has toggle controls for ANC and Ambient mode, along with volume controls. Using them as my daily driver, the E3511 has a better set of controls than the E3500.

The angled ear tips deliver a fit similar to that of the E3500, though the longer and slimmer stems make them look sleeker when wearing them. I like the overall fit of the E3500, and the same can be said for the E3511.

Audio quality and battery life

Like the E3500, the E3511 also makes use of 10mm dynamic drivers that generally give a good amount of bass and detailed highs. The E3511 loses support for aptX but gets ANC as a compromise. Playing music at higher bitrates may be limited because of its codec limitations, but the E3511’s ANC feature works well. I’ve used them for walking the dogs daily, and they isolate a good amount of traffic noise. You still get Ambient mode with the E3511, allowing you to be aware of your surroundings when needed.

Battery life is roughly the same with the E3500 with ANC off, so I was getting roughly up to 7 hours on a single charge. With ANC on, the E3511 lasts for up to around 4.5 hours, which is a fair figure. Charging is also done via USB-C, and it takes around 1.5 hours to top up the battery from flat to 100%.

Wrap up and Conclusions

Our review of the E3511 shows that Nokia continues to improve its TWS offerings in the Philippines with the addition of ANC, sleeker and more user-friendly design, and a premium build. It even comes with competitive pricing that’s hard to match if you consider the materials used for both the case and the earbuds.

Nokia E3511 Review Price Philippines

The Nokia E3511 is priced at Php 4,199 and is available at the brand’s Shopee store.

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