Noontec Zoro Headphones Review

by Carlo Ople  January 26, 2012

Our review of the Noontec Zoro Headphones!

Noontec Zoro Headphones Review

Two weeks ago we unboxed the Noontec Zoro Headphones. We spent a lot of time listening and breaking in the cans for the purpose of this review. We’re happy to say that you’re in for a surprise with this product. I know the comparison to Beats is unavoidable but the sound quality is pretty good given the Php3,200 price tag. Anyway check out our full review below.

Noontec Zoro with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Packaging & Accessories

Packaging is superb. If there’s one thing I love about this it’s definitely the huge white box! I like how it’s designed like a PC game box. It has a folder-like outer flap which reveals more information about the cans and reveals a transparent plastic layer which lets you see the actual headphones. Definitely one of the nicer packaged cans in the market. For more on the unboxing click here.

By the way the Zoro also comes with a pouch for storing when you’re on the go. I think this should be a staple already so props to Noontec for including it in the package.

Build and Design

The design of the headphones polarizes it for consumers. It looks too much like the headphones made by Beats By Dr. Dre. The glossy metallic finish, the leatherette ear pads, and the logo placement screams Beats. Since Noontec is a new audio brand people might just dismiss it as a copycat. However if you take time to actually listen to your favorite music on these cans you’ll be surprised to find out that it delivers great sound quality.

Sound Quality

Balanced but leaning towards lower range and bass. It’s not on the extreme bass range but it’s pointed at that direction. Mids and highs are good but not as great as what you can get from a Grado SR60i. If you max out the volume the mids can get muddled primarily due to the design of the cans and the default sound signature. This isn’t a bad thing though because it really depends on your preference for songs.

If you’re after pristine vocals and instruments this isn’t for you. This is more for people who like dance, RNB, trance, and hip hop tracks where the emphasis and flavor can be found in the bass and the lower range. Don’t get me wrong though — the mids and highs are good. It’s just not ridiculously good like what you can get with other cans that don’t have too much emphasis on the lower range.

Tugs tugs tugs... lol.


The Noontec Zoro Headphones is priced at Php3,200. At that price range it goes up against the Audio-Technica SJ Series as well as my personal favorite, the Brainwavz HM3. If you consider the whole package from the design, quality, and sound the Zoro can definitely live up to the Php3,200 price tag. What’s stopping it from becoming a hit product really is branding. If Noontec is able to solidify and build their brand locally then they can potentially sell a lot of these.

The Noontec Zoro is available in branches of A Shop, Switch, and iStudio. SRP is Php3,200.

Good sound quality, portable, extra accessories, and nice looks. It's worth more than Php3,200 if you ask me.

Raffle coming soon

The good folks from Noontec Philippines gave us two units to raffle away so please do check back by the end of this day for the mechanics πŸ™‚

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    More than the design, I love the quality of this product, and for me, that is the most important. If movies can be seen in 3D, so does The Noontec Zoro Headphones, the only difference is, it can be heard, loud and clear. Feels like you’re in a live show. πŸ˜€ this fits the needs of a music lover like me. lalalala…

    It show’s that there’s a new line of headphone invasion i love the box actually, also even though it’s a headphone you can store it that there’s no space needed to consume! A handy headphone.

    With it’s simple design and good sound quality performance, it’s definitely a good catch for Php3,200.

    A brand new line of headphones that dare to challenge other brands head-on…. I love this Noontec Zoro because its new line, design….. and most important part…. quality…. I would love to use this with my new Galaxy Note!!!! New breed of headphones + New breed of phablet = hapiness…..

    I love how the quality, build and design of the Zoro is on par with similar branded headphones while having a price much lower than its competition… great sound quality+durability+style=Noontec Zoro…

    I like this Noontec Zoro headphones because of the premium build and metallic finish, just like my ipod. It’s also foldable, which is great when keeping it on my bag commuting.

    I like this Noontec Zoro headphones because of its great sound quality and stylish design. It’s also foldable making it easy to keep inside your bag.

    P3,200 is still a lot of money for a pair of headphones. One would think that without its branding and marketing, the Beats headphones that the Zoros are undoubtedly targeting, would fall to around this price. Hopefully you get what you pay for in the Noontec Zoros. A no nonsense headphones that comes in a simple, yet elegant packaging, delivering quality sound straight out of the box.

    I like everything but with more and more Beats-like head phones coming out, I would say the best thing about this pair of head phones is the PRICE. Come on seriously, practicality-wise you would buy this pair of headphones. I hope though that they start including a pair of extra ear cushions to each and every head phones now.

    I like the Noontec Zoro because of its heavy duty headband. My ATs will definitely be competing with it. OH! it wants to compete with my Beats too! That flat cord sure is something.

    Last year I had received quite few headphones as a gifts and it has liven my enthusiasm with it. What I like about this Noontec Zoro is its design, the metallic look, and of course the cable. Gone are the days of lazy and tangly round cables.

    I like the pouch that comes with the headphones. You’re right, all headphones must come with a complimentary pouch because it’s so hard to look for one that allows a snug fit for headphones.

    I like the Noontec Zoro Headphones because it’s an emerging brand in the market and affordable considering its looks, packaging and sound quality!

    great design and by the looks of it, it is a noise cancellation headset which is wonderful for a music enthusiast like me πŸ˜€