Not an April Fool’s Joke: Php 100,000 Gadget Mystery Box Unboxing

A mystery box full of win

There are many reasons to be excited about mystery boxes: depending on the value of the mystery box you plan to get, there’s a high probability that the total value of the items inside the box is more than what you pay for.

For this mystery box unboxing, Unbox founder Carlo decided to get the Php 100,000 mystery box from PoundIt and see if he did hit a jackpot. Watch the video below:

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  1. The Kindle paperwhite is not worth that much, especially since most sellers is peddling the ad supported version which is something like $129, and is it even the 2018 version? The C1 is 5490 during sales and 5990 when not. MI air Purifier 2s is 9299, so that alone could slash the perceived value to below 100,000.

    And while there’s fun with these mystery boxes, shouldn’t it be regulated by DTI? Since it sort of a game of chance, and might be prone to abuse by unscrupulous sellers.

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