Novo7 Tech Is No More

Novo7 Tech Is No More

Sad news for the tech community – many people have been asking us what the status of local company Novo7 Tech and today we can say that the company has shut its doors. The company, who became the de-facto distributor for Meizu as well as THL, has attracted the attention of tech enthusiasts because of the disappearance of their Facebook page as well as the closure of their stores in Cubao and Lucky Chinatown Mall.

We’ve confirmed through an ex-employee of the company (that does not want to be named) that the company has shut its doors, though he did not elaborate on the reasons why. Up till early this year we were still getting updates via our contact people in Novo7 Tech, including aborted coverage for Meizu’s newest smartphones. With Novo7 Tech gone, people who hunger for Meizu devices might have to turn to alternate sources in the meantime.

As far warranty claims is concerned? Your guess is as good as ours, though we’re still tying to contact the remnants of the company to try and figure out how people with phones that are still in warranty can get their stuff fixed.

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